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    Damien Dara Royston & Francis Ashley Martinus

    A boy and a girl with two middle names each. The parents love the outdoors and want to reflect that in their first names. They would like each child's first middle name to be from their favorite show Mad Men. The second middle name of each child should be Greek.

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    Prato, Italy - Scarsdale, NY
    Jackson Kelly & Pablo Marty

    Two fanatics of crime TV shows are picking out names for their boy/girl twins. First names must be in the top 1000 and with Irish origins to celebrate the father's heritage, the two middle names must have at least two syllables. All three names together have to spell CSI.
    Irene; Name lover in her twenties; single; Au pair by day, writer by night.

    Current favorites, not in order:
    Eden - Evelyn - Hadley - Alice - Emily - Zoey - Greta - Jezebel - Zelda - Anna - Charlotte - Clara - Katherine/Kate - Amber
    Ethan - Adam - William - Peter - Harvey - Galen - Kenneth - Kieran - Theo - Daniel - David - Gabriel - Blake - Alexander/Zander - Logan

    The National's Names List

    Peculiar Italian Names for Girls

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    Quote Originally Posted by ariana View Post
    My 2nd daughter is Helena Dorothy Matilda....

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    Connor Simeon Isaac and Cassidy Saskia Imogen

    Ella and Ryan Novak are choosing a name for their third daughter. Like her sisters, Cymbeline and Reverie, they want the baby to have a three syllable name outside of the top 1000 with opportunity for a cute nickname (her sisters go by Simi and Revi). Her first middle name should be flower/tree/plant related but not commonly heard. Her second middle name should honor both her grandmothers, Suzanne and Patricia but should not begin with the same letter as either of those names.

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    Heloise Waterlily Beatrice "Loie" (As much as I tried I couldn't find a name that honoured both grandmothers.)

    Melanie & Jamie are expecting their first child - a boy. Both have very different naming styles so it has been decided that Melanie has full reign over the first name and Jamie over the second. Melanie loves "nerdy" names along the lines of Nigel and Reginald. Jamie on the other hand has more of a taste for popular names (from the top 100). Last name is Glass.

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