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    Colette Alexandra.

    Sean and Brandi are having a daughter. They want her to have the nickname EmmyLou, but they both hate the names Emma, Emily, and Emmeline along with Louise and Louisa. For the first name, the would like it to be a name where it is understandable where the "Emmy" came from as well as the "Lou" from middle name.
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    Emerson Lucille

    Wendy & Daniel are expecting twins: two boys. They like names that are trendy, but still quite uncommon. For first names, they would like surnames, and for middle names, they would like Scottish names with nature meanings.
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    Adler Leith & Griffin Adair

    Alice & Tom already have a son named Matteo Augustus. Now they are expecting twins, boy & girl. The problem: Alice likes unpopular but heard of vintage names, Tom likes most of the Uk top 10 names. The name also should be usable in Italy and Sweden since they both hace family there. The middle names should be english.

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    Lucius David and Antonia Poppy (mn are top 20 UK names of 2013, first names are more uncommon vintage. FN work in Italian and Swedish.)
    Lucius David and Cecilia Daisy "Luke and Lia" (more common for Tom)

    Hilary Jane and Ben Francois are expecting their first child, gender unknown, so they need at least one name of each gender. Hilary is an english speaker, while Ben is from France. They would like the name to work in English and French, without sounding "foreign" in either language. For middle names if it's a girl, her mn must be Jane and if it's a boy, it must be somehow related to Ben's name.
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    Hugo Reuben & Esmé Jane

    Caspar & Jemima are welcoming their fourth child. The baby is a girl and will join older sister Etienne Elizabeth, Akira Alexandra & Constantine Cecile. The first name must be strictly male but foreign and feminine in sound to alleviate the masculinity in an English-speaking context. The middle name must begin with the same letter as the first and for balance, be classic and feminine. If the first name is short or medium in length the middle name must be long, if the first name is long the middle name must be short and so forth. The letters E, A and C are taken.

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