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    Eleanor Tuezdae & River Thomas

    Marco and Jena are expecting their second child, another girl. It must go well with their first child's name, Delphine Olympia. The first name must be French and start with a vowel, but not E, O, or I. The second name must be a place name that ends in an a. It must sound very majestic.
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    Anaïs Alexandria

    Llewellyn & James are expecting their fifith child, brother or sister to Zachary Yannick, Xavier Willem, Violetta Unity & Tamsin Scarlet. In keeping with reverse alphabetical order, the baby's initials should be RQ.

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    Rebecca Quinn or Ronan Quincy

    Heather and John are expecting their second child, another girl. She'll be joining sister Logan Amaryllis. The first name must be a mostly boy's name and the middle name must be an uncommon flower name.

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    Jameson, Samuel, Archer, Dominic, Barnaby, Paul, Henry, Oliver, Jadon, Isaac, Harrison, Lawson, Ezra, Rhys

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    Quinn Cosmea

    Jared and Sonya are expected another baby girl. They already have Callum and Nell. This baby's name will have to fit with its siblings and the middle name will have to contain the initals of the rest of the family. The first name will not contain any letters from any of the names already in this family. [and yes I have been watching too much 'Neighbours' if you're wondering]

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    (how can a name have no vowels other than I? It's nearly impossible for the name not to contain any letters from any names already in the family. BFGHIKMPQSTVWXZ are the only letters I can work with.)

    Kim Jessica Sabine

    Fleur and Brayden are expecting their 8th/9th children, twin girls!. So far, their names have gone alphabetically. Aliya Zoe, Beatrice Yvette, Cadence Xanthe, Daisy Willa, Everly Violet, Fiona Udelle, and Georgia Thalia. What should they name their 8th/9th daughters? Her initials should be HS and IR. They strongly dislike the name Hannah and/or the name Isabelle. The first name should be 2-3 syllables to go with the older girls name.
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