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    Carolyn Justice & Julienna Chastity

    Evelyn and Trent are expecting triplets! Two boys and a girl. They are big on nature and would like each of their children to have a first name inspired by nature, however, they despise trendy names and would like something more original. They would also like each of the children to have two middle names, one that begins with E and one that begins with T. The order of the middle names doesn't matter.
    *~~Savanna Marie, Aria Kathleen, Scarlett Ann, Genevieve Leigh, Emery Lucille~~*

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    One of my favorite names is a flower: Azalea

    You could also try "Rosie" although I realize that is not the straight up name of a flower, but it fits with your "EE" ending.

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    Taylor Ellis

    Danielle and Ross have three daughters, Daisy Elliette, Poppy Finleigh and Lily Aydenne, and are expecting a fourth. They would like a short (no more than six letters) flower name for the first name and a feminised form of a popular male name as a middle - and they're happy to get creative with the spelling for the middle name too.

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    Cedar Erwin Terrance, Sage Elliot Travis & Laurel Tessa Eliane

    Nina and Lance are going to have a baby girl. Nina adores trendy names and celebrity baby names, and only wants an A-list celebrity baby name for her daughter. Lance doesn't want a trendy or flash-in-the-pan name, so the first name can't appear in the Top 100, but it has to be a celebrity baby name. The middle name (two is okay but not necessary) must be a virtue name but can't start with a G, C, or F.

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    Vivienne Mercy

    Joel and Sarah Roth are welcoming their first child, and do not know the gender. They would like to go to the hospital with a boy's and girl's name in mind. Joel is a conservative republican and a successful lawyer. He likes more traditional names that will help their child to be successful. Sarah is a children's librarian who loves yoga and antiques. She is a vegan and a bit of a flower child. She likes off-beat names and adores cute nicknames. Help them to compromise!

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    Robert Flynn "Bobbie" or Karen Azalea "Carrie"

    Allie and James are expecting their second daughter. Their first daughter is named Evenie Jane "Evie". They would like the second daughter to have an equally unique first name with a cute nickname, with a more common middle. The middle name should honour one (or more) of these people without being a direct copy: Thalia, Michaela, Tess, or Maddie. None of her initials should be A, J, or E.
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