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    Just a pregnant rant...

    I'm feeling so frustrated about baby names right now! I've always found it easier to find a girl name that I absolutely fall in love with, and had a perfect name picked out if this baby was a girl. So of course we found out that we are having another boy. Our fourth baby boy name to pick out. For our first son, we debated baby names all the way up until he was six weeks from being born. And finally I compromised and went with Joshua. We both knew tons of Joshuas growing up, and it has been in the top ten since 1983 until last year. So I do like the name because his middle name was my father's and that was really important to me, but I was never super happy with how popular his name was. Then I worked for TWO years to get my husband to see Noah as anything but "out there" and strange. Only to see the name Noah shoot up to the top five. It was number 29 when we had our first son and number 31 the year our Noah was actually born. So I am extremely discouraged to see how popular and overused my second son's name is. And I feel like all my "work" was for nothing. We had a late miscarriage with our third son and the morning that we lost him, my dh turned to me and asked me what his name was. I chose Levi, which I still love. To me it is the perfect name. Perfect level of popularity. My husband loves it, but I really don't think he would have gone along with it if our Levi had lived.

    Now we are faced with naming a fourth son. Yikes! I'm looking at names like Ezra and Jonas. And his suggestions? Ethan and Zachary. I'm a lover of more distinctive baby names, and to me that's like looking at the list of top twenty boy names and picking the Biblical boy names that weren't the names of boys I once dated and just mindlessly going with those. I can see that my husband is trying as yesterday he told me that he is coming around to Jonah (never Jonas). But I recently decided that Jonah is not usable based on our older two sons names. And he keeps suggesting Josiah. Which, of course is also too similar to Joshua to even consider. (Plus I plain just don't like that name) I feel like Ezra is the only boy name that I actually like and can see myself using for this baby. *Maybe* if I spent the next eighteen weeks working on it, my husband might decide that it is usable like he did for Noah's name. But I'm scared of trying so hard only to see Ezra replace Ethan on the top ten list (as was predicted in a recent nameberry blog post).

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