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    Thank you for the name suggestions everyone! To be honest, I think I'm the one who is more difficult to please than my husband. It's ironic, when I was growing up and playing with my dolls, I always wanted five daughters and no sons. At the time, I could easily pick five names for those girls. Those names have changed since then, but I can still pick five girl names that I can easily fall in love with. When I think of my daughter's first and middle names, I still completely love how they sound, and I just don't feel that way with any boy's name. Of course, I now have four sons and one daughter. I don't mean to sound ungrateful for the kids that I have, I am extremely blessed. And this is definitely a miracle baby as we thought that we were d-o-n-e.

    I feel so completely bored with boy names. I feel that every conceivable name out there has been considered and rejected three other times. Some are out for compatibility reasons. For example, I can't use the name Jonah because it is too similar to both Joshua and Noah. I can't use Adam because my daughter's name is Autumn. I can't use Reuben because if we ever have that second daughter that Autumn has prayed for the past eight years, we want to use the name Ruby. I can't use Simon because I have a nephew named Samuel and I feel that they are too similar, especially for their grandma who has issues with calling her grandchildren by the right name anyway (and she already has to deal with two boy names that begin with "N" and it hasn't been easy for her). My kids are all older (12, 10 and 8) and so I also have to deal with their opinions/ experiences with names. Plus, both my husband and I are former teachers. So we have to deal with the biggest bully that my husband knew growing up named Caleb. I have to deal with the neighborhood brat named Griffin. I can't use Austin or Jesse because they were obnoxious kids that either my husband or myself taught. And most Biblical names are either too common in our social circles (we know two Malachis) or a one person name and that has been tainted by that person, for good or for bad, but it makes it a name that I don't see on *my* child.

    Like I said, I just feel bored. For whatever reason, I never considered Ezra or Jonas, and so those names feel fresher to me. I like how they have a degree of spunky-ness while still having a historical root. As much as I like the name Brady, it feels sort of "fly by night" to me. And it seems that every time a name passes my quite long series of tests, my husband vetoes it. It's been "no" to Jonas, "no" to Ezra and "no" to Theo. I'm not personally limiting myself to Bible names, although it is definitely a style that appeals to us. I just really want to fall in love with a name like I fell in love with my daughter's name. And I'm afraid that I'm not going to feel that way. Again.
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    I think Ethan and Ezra both fit well with your sibset. Congratulations and may God bless you richly!

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    Have you considered Evan? I think it sounds really nice with your other children.

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    I like Eli (maybe a bit too close to Levi?) and Gideon among the lesser-used Biblical names.

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    First, sit down and take a deep breath! Naming a child is hard but you have four beautiful names so you certainly can name this one.

    Autumn, Joshua, Noah, Levi and


    I also like the suggestions of Evan, Ethan and Nathan

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