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Thread: New vs. Old

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    Mar 2013
    Old, just because of the glitches. I desperately wanted to make a new list and it's really disappointing having to wait for almost a week now.

    Also, the site is too spread out now, I don't like having to scroll so much to access the information. Too much wasted space on each page.

    As has been pointed out, people are much less active. I know that personally I am much less active because I'm waiting for the glitches to be fixed before I get involved again, it's too frustrating to use as is.

    In my opinion the real issue here is that the glitches aren't being fixed fast enough. If there had been some fixes say in the two or three days after the change, something at least, then I think more people would stick around to provide feedback and see what is being modified. We'd feel like there was progress.

    Once the glitches are fixed, I might well prefer the new site, I'm not against change in and of itself. I just feel there should be more follow up after the change, to fix the issues that inevitably arise. As it is it feels like the site is now subpar, when the change has a lot of potential.

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    I haven't gotten to try it yet on my iPad, but I was really hoping for a mobile app separate from the website. I got a headache yesterday from the new color scheme... boo.

    I'm withholding judgement on the rest of the site until I get used to it, of course it's always easier to stick with the familiar. So far, the only thing I will say I miss is the tiny dots icon that noted my nameberry tab -- it was so cute & happy!

    Edit: I will add that I like that you can see the "names being searched now" listing no matter where you are in the site. I always wanted to know what people were looking up while I was in the forums, not just the blog.
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    renrose Guest
    I've noticed that the titles of the threads I've visited no longer un-bold after I've looked at them. This has meant I've ended up going back to a thread I've already read because my eyes rely on the bolded title telling me 'something new to read here!' when there actually isn't.

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    New England
    I do like the new very much. However, blog posts don't open in the ipad (this started today), I still can't navigate to a new page on a thread on the ipad without holding down the number to get that window pop up. On my computer, it. Takes. Forever. To. Load. And then if you scroll down on the track pad, Safari crashes.

    It sucks about the ipad because I'm addicted to the thing. That said, it takes a while for all the bugs to be worked out in any new design so all in all, it's been pretty smooth. I do think it looks very nice.

    People keep mentioning all the white space. Am I the only one that sees it gray?
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    I am not trying to be super critical, because I know it is difficult with a new layout to get all the kinks worked out. I just don't like it though. I really agree that there is less traffic on this site, and I understand why. Nothing will load on my computer, so eventually I just give up. I do like that it is better for mobile, but I don't really ever answer forums on my phone. I don't have the patience for typing.

    I really do like how the top of the page and the home page looks. But I feel like in the forums there is a lot of this weird greenish tan color. I don't like that, it hurts my eyes.

    Hopefully these problems, and the others mentioned will be resolved.

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