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Thread: New vs. Old

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    I prefer the old version. I've barely posted since the change - I just don't like it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by augusta_lee View Post
    I find this new layout extremely difficult to navigate, and it seems like activity on the boards has died down significantly.
    This! It really does seem like activity has died down - less threads are started and it takes longer to get responses from threads that have been created. It makes me sad to see people avoiding Nameberry due to glitches and/or dislike of the new layout.

    I'm not a fan of change, and I felt like the old layout was simpler and easier to use. This layout really only benefits me when I'm on my phone.
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    I can't choose yet. There are too many bugs that I can't justify liking the new layout. The white is harsh on my eyes and I dislike waiting for the page to load. I also want to edit my name lists! I have a spelling error that is bugging the stuffing out of me. I'm one of those poor people without a fancy phone (I have an LG I got like 3 years ago after I broke my Razer I had for 5 years) so I can't speak for the mobile portion of the site. As for the less activity on the site. My theory is they're having trouble loading the webpage.
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    I actually find it a little more difficult to navigate on my iPhone... My browser crashes every time I want to change a page... so I'm stuck on the first page of the thread. I'm sure it's a bug that can be fixed, but it has annoyed me to the point that I'm not on nameberry as much.

    The new layout is more aesthetic, definitely. Aspects of the old layout seemed dated. I just wish the new layout wasn't so difficult to get used to!

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    Old, definitely, but probably because I'm used to and comfortable with it. After seeing PPs' comments about the new one being more mobile-friendly I tried using it on my iPhone and yes I definitely agree with that. But I do find it hard to navigate and the colour scheme too harsh on my eyes, even though my computer brightness is [always] as low as it can possibly be. If only there was a mobile and full version of the site like other sites have!

    Is there any way to link Pam (or Linda) to this thread so they can see some of the issues and try to fix them?
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