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    wow you guys are awesome! There were some really great suggestions I had never even thought of!
    Vail on it's own is pretty cool. Lennox is as well. Never thought I'd like Everest, but I do!
    mackie: I really like Rocco for the Rocky Mountains
    backtomyroots: I can't believe how much I like Carver
    Hopefully my hubby doesn't veto them!
    I like Keifer but teen mom2 kinda ruined that for me now.
    Thank you all for your suggestions!

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    Bode, pronounced like Jody or Cody. We just named our 6 month old this. I come from a very long line of skiers so it was sort of honoring in a way, for me.

    Bode Miller is not a snowboarder but is a badass Olympic skier.

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    I dont have any new ideas, but wanted to say I Love Cedar! I never thought of it before, but wow, that would be a really cool name! I can imagine a baby, boy or teen Cedar. I woukd love to see it used, especially in your sibset!
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    Ooooo Hawthorn is nice.

    Ash, Alder, Hickory (?), or Elm?

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