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    Fun Baby Name Quiz!

    Simple: Answer the questions and create your names! All names were taken from the searched right now bar...

    Family's last name: Take the last letter of your last name. This is the first letter of your family's last name! You can choose what it is.

    Child 1:

    1a) Are you male or female? (gender)
    Male: Child is female
    Female: Child is male

    1b) Choose your favorite drink in the morning! (FN)
    Coffee: male: Ellis / female: Camille
    Tea: male: Archer / female: Mae
    Milk: male: Lane / female: Brynna
    Orange Juice: male: Robin / female: Eliora
    Water: male: Emmett / female: Alise
    Other: male: Charles / female: Kailea

    1c) Choose your favorite breakfast food: (MN)
    Eggs: male: Isaiah / female: Kate
    Toast: male: Tristan / female: Maya
    Bacon: male: Michael / female: Cecilia
    Waffles: male: Aaron / female: Mirielle
    Pancakes: male: Lance / female: Malory
    Other: male: Hartley / female: Susannah

    Child 2:

    2a) Do you have kids? (gender)
    Yes: male
    No: female

    2b) Choose your favorite vacation activity: (FN)
    Hiking: male: James / female: Eira
    Going to the beach: male: Grant / female: Vivian
    Going to the mall: male: Rory / female: Kayla
    Exploring a new city: male: Julius / female: Daisy
    Relaxing: male: Severin / female: Mara
    Other: male: Valentin / female: Seraphina

    2c) What do you prefer to do on the beach?
    Tanning/sleeping: male: Eldon / female: Philippa
    Swimming: male: Ezra / female: Penelope
    Playing beach sports (volleyball, etc): male: Austen / female: Bethesda
    Walking along the sand: male: Chaplin / female: Clarissa
    Other: male: Dawson / female: Avery

    Child 3:

    3a) Do you speak more than one language? (gender)
    Yes: female
    No: male

    3b) How old are you? (FN)
    10 or under: male: Noe / female: Marin
    11-16: male: Sirius / female: Sasha
    17-21: male: Seamus / female: Delia
    22-30: male: Blake / female: Juliana
    31-45: male: Gaius / female: Marlene
    46+: male: Harry / female: Molly

    3c) How many different houses/apartments/places have you lived? (MN)
    1: male: Oakley / female: Beatrix
    2-3: male: George / female: Angelica
    4-6: male: Arthur / female: Gloria
    7+: male: Delroy / female: Trixie

    Child 4:

    4a) Choose the gender that you have the least of so far.

    4b) Which pet would you want? (FN)
    Cat: male: Elliot / female: Annika
    Dog: male: Landon / female: Danielle
    Bird: male: Gray / female: Sigourney
    Snake: male: Abner / female: Primrose
    Turtle: male: Landon / female: Bea
    Other: male: Alex / female: Kiera

    4c) What letter does your FN start with? (MN)
    A-E: male: Aiden / female: Sloane
    F-I: male: Phinean / female: Amelia
    J-N: male: Theodore / female: Madonna
    O-R: male: Amos / female: Leilani
    S-V: male: Griffin / female: Madeline
    W-Z: male: Camden / female: Arista

    Emmett Aaron Richards
    Daisy Penelope Richards
    Delia Angelica Richards
    Landon Aiden Richards
    ~Emmeline Jade Bentley~

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