View Poll Results: All in all, Violet or Claudia?

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  • Violet

    47 68.12%
  • Claudia

    22 31.88%
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    Violet. Not fond of Claudia
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    Both are great, but I think I'd go with Violet.

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    I love both, but if you can tell by my signature, I like Violet just a bit more. I think both are great options though. If you are afraid of Violet being to popular, I would suggest going on the Social Security website and search Violet in your area for popularity. That way you know just how popular Violet is where you are. Both are great choices, go with what you like the best.
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    I love both, but I would definitely go for Violet, personally. Claudia has always been on my radar--pretty, somewhat classic, definitely classy--and I've been loving it more because of a teenage Claudia I work with who has completely rejuvenated it for me, but I definitely like Violet better--probably because it's a personal favorite.

    I would absolutely love to see Violet Claudia, though--is that an option? If not, I think sisters Violet and Claudia in the long run would be very adorable and classy!
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    Claudia! So lovely.

    As much as I like Violet, she's starting to feel overexposed and a tad shopworn.
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