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    Plain and simple poll: Violet or Claudia?

    I have it narrowed down to two names; Violet and Claudia. I've loved both for as long as I can remember and they both sound good with the last name (sounds like Richard). I don't think I could go wrong with either so I'm just kind of having fun deciding and wanting to see what people think. So here's where they start to differ;

    Violet - classy and vintage which I love, simple and easy to spell/pronounce, love the purple imagery and I feel like it's one of those names that brings a smile to the faces of 99% of people you meet (or at least all the ones that I've asked in real life love it). I'm worried about it getting too popular though. I haven't really established what means 'too popular' for me but I completely agree with Nameberry's "fitting in, standing out" theory and I'm worried that Violet might be getting too popular to stand out. I like the nickname Vie a lot more than I like the nicknames Claude or Claudie for Claudia but I feel like I would always use the full name for either anyway.

    Claudia - dates back to Ancient Rome which I love and has an international feel but still works in English, which I think makes it more alluring. Possible drawbacks are that it's a feminization which I have a problem with for some reason. I try not to because I know that they make good names and in this case the feminization is more heard of than the original Claude or Claudius (it is isn't it? haha I know more Claudia's than I do Claude's is that true of you guys?) but feminizations as a category seem to me like second-rate versions of an original name. The meaning "lame" is also a drawback but I think I can definitely deal with both of those things. I love that it is in the top 1000 but is in the 300 - 700 range so is forsure a "fitting in, standing out" name. I would be pronouncing it as claw-dee-uh but I've seen it pronounced as clow-dee-uh on the internet. I would be worried about that except where I live (Chicago) I've only ever heard it pronounced the first way. I like that although Violet definitely isn't "trendy" persay, Claudia DEFINITELY isn't "trendy."

    So all in all what do people think? So sorry for the long rambling haha, thanks for anybody who took the time to read all that.

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