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    Is Cora a "black name"? Is Ivy an Asian name?

    Trying to put this is the least offensive way and not really knowing how...I've always loved the name Cora but I just saw the movie Django and one of the slaves in it was named Cora. Then I google imaged it and a bunch of the girls that came up were African-American. I'm not a racist but if there's a name that's traditionally used for a different race than mine than I try to avoid it. Is Cora a black name?

    On the same kind of note, is Ivy an Asian name? Ivy is the name of the Chinese American Girl doll and I saw somewhere that Ivy is used a lot more by Asian-American parents. Would you picture an Ivy as Asian?

    Sorry if this is offensive to anybody, I'm trying to put it the best way I can!

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