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Thread: Regina?

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    Question Regina?

    I know someone posted about this name a few weeks ago.

    ever since I can't seem to get it out of my head! I know there were a few concerns as to the similarity between this name and a part of the female anatomy so let me just clarify it is pronounce REG-EE-NAH not REG-EYE-NAH!

    Would you name a little girl Regina nn Regi? or do you think this would lead to too much teasing???

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    I wouldn't name a girl Regina just because of that teasing potential. Even if you pronounce it differently, kids will pick up on it. It reminds me of Victoria Regina, Elizabeth Regina etc, so I'm pronouncing it reg-EYE-nuh. Regi is a cute nn though. Perhaps Regina could flourish in the MN spot?

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    I think it's a nice, underused choice. Not to mention the adorable nickname Regi... However, I think there is a substantial amount of teasing potential. Regina would make a beautiful middle name choice.

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    I've only every known the name to be pronounced "Reh-GEE-nah", and I know a girl named this. She goes by Regina and never gets teased for it. I've never heard it pronounced any other way, and at least where I live, it's a general fact that Regina is "Reh-GEE-nah".
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    My neighbor's name is Regina and we call her Gina. Some berries might consider this a dated name (my neighbor is in her 50's) but I really like it! I think Regi for a nn is darn cute!

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