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    WDYT about Rhett Ambrose?

    Hi nameberries!
    I´ve found this combo that I love, but I worry that it sounds a little too girlish? Got any suggestions to make it more boyish?

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    Honestly, it looks like a mash up of two very different styles. Rhett feels dated and very 'American' whereas Ambrose is kind of classic eccentric. It doesn't sound girly to me as Rhett is all-boy IMO, but if you wanted to man-up and even out the styles, I'd suggest:

    Rhett Christopher
    Rhett Francis
    Rhett Edward
    Rhett William
    Rhett Oliver
    Rhett Lachlan
    Rhett Bradley
    Rhett Joshua
    Rhett Jonathan

    Rhys Ambrose
    Robert Ambrose
    Henry Ambrose
    Luca Ambrose
    Todd Ambrose
    Rex Ambrose
    Harry Ambrose
    Ross Ambrose

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    Rhett Ambrose sounds like such a romantic name to me! I love it! It doesn't sound girly to me, just maybe upperclass or sophisticated. I like it, its definitely different. I don't think you need to change it, but some of the ones charlieandperry1 suggested were good, like Rhett William. That is a classy name.
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    I agree with charlieandperry1 about the mash up of styles. I think Ambrose Rhett has a better ring to it.

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    I think it is too girly. I'd choose another middle name for Rhett.

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