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    Meredith & Annabella as sisters?

    What do you think of the names, Meredith & Annabella as sisters?

    It's a short story that i'm working on for the next week and I wanted to know what you thought of the two together?
    Meredith's name is permanent but I wasn't so sure about Annabella's?
    I think it's very beautiful and the little neighbor girl across the street is named Annabella.
    Their last name is Fisher and their parents are, Rebecca & Carl Fisher.

    The other characters include:
    Eric Fisher: Cousin on dad's side - Carl's older brother's son
    Estella Fisher: Eric's younger sis - Carl's older brother's daughter
    Aunt Kendall Meyer: Rebecca's younger sister.
    James Kennedy: cute guy 1
    Spencer Haywood: cute guy 2
    Janelle Roy: Meredith's New York friend

    The girls are from a wealthy family and live with their parents in Chicago and they move to New York for their father, Mr. Fisher's job.
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