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Thread: WDYT of Tyde?

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    WDYT of Tyde?

    I heard it last week on a little boy while shopping. I'm 99% sure it was Tyde or Tide. I don't think I would use it because I just think of the sea but I guess if the girls can have Waverly then why can't Tide/Tyde be usable?

    I'm still not sure though, WDYT?
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    I think it's unusable because of the soap, not the ocean. If it wasn't for the detergent, I'd have no problem with it- people are named Rose and Marina and Sky and Oak, so why not Tide? I think it's just the brand that holds the name back, not the nature.
    I like Tadhg (pronounced TYGUE, like the first syllable of "tiger") but that's also rather unusable because of spelling/pronunciation issues.

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    I went to school with a girl called Tyde and she wasn't the nicest of girls, so my view of the name is skewed. It has a kind of hippy-ish vibe to me, like Forrest, River, Sequoia etc.

    Are you in the UK? If so, I wouldn't worry so much about the detergent as I don't believe we have it here. I think Tide is the US equivalent of calling your kid Persil, Ariel or Daz

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    I agree that it would be usable as an ocean/nature name... except for the detergent brand. For that reasonable, I don't find it usable.
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    It would be fine if it only had the ocean association, kind of like Reef. However, I agree with the above posters that the laundry detergent makes it unusable.

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