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Thread: WDYT of Tyde?

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    I am from the uk, that's probably why I've never heard of it! I'll probably put it on my GP list, the thought of naming a child something equivalent of Persil puts me off it!

    Haha, thanks for the replies!!
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    Tyde/Tide is a bit too much like the laundry detergent. Aside from that, I only see it as a word and not as usable as something like Sequoia or River.
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    I currently live in Alabama and my immediate thought was "Roll Tide!" This is a commonly used term by University of Alabama fans/alums. We have lots of girls named Crimson (nickname of school is Crimson Tide), Bear or Bryant (late coach Bear Bryant), and Nick (for current coach Nick Saban).

    I would not think twice if I heard this as a name in Alabama. However, outside of our state I don't think it is usable due to the previous mentioned laundry detergent association.
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    A separate problem for Tyde in the UK is the similarity to the (northern, I think) Welsh word for grandfather Taid (pronounced the same way).

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    At first I thought it was adorable as a word/nature name...then I saw it spelled out Tide and all I could think of was laundry commercials. That's something I wouldn't want linked to my child lol.

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