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    What about a name that means something like rebirth, or new? Something to celebrate starting a new life free of abuse. Something like Phoenix, maybe?

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    I'm fairly sure that's incorrect knowledge your lawyer gave you. There is a different process between name change with marriage vs a birth certificate name amendment (I've had both, recently). You can choose any name you want. Whether legal aid provides this as a service is another issue.

    I know a woman that dropped her last name altogether and her middle name became her last name. If you can't find a surname to fit, I'd have your middle name be your new surname. Lots of female names have long histories as surnames.


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    In the US, you can change your last name to absolutely anything you want.

    However, it won't be done in the same paperwork/court case as the divorce proceeding, and there may be a small fee. I'm not sure exactly where you do it, should be through the Social Security Office. So during your divorce, you'll need to decide whether you want to keep Brown or your married name, and then separately file to change your last name. I would assume it'd be extremely confusing and a big hassle to change your LN while in the process of a divorce, so wait until it's finalized.
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    I think it would be a nice idea for your new last name to have some kind of family meaning. If you don't like your mother's last name, maybe try a variation of her first (like my name, Erica, could become Ericson). Or go way back, and use your grandmother's maiden.
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    There may be some additional paperwork if youre changing your name to something that isnt your maiden name/married name, but it's absolutely an option!
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