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    Creative ways to honor my mom. Too creative?

    I am not expecting, just planning

    Ever since I read To Kill a Mockingbird in the seventh grade, I have always compared my mom to Atticus. Especially the second time I read it my freshman year of high school, because there was a lot of controversial things happening with my mom and her job. She held her ground and stood up for what she believed in, but was not hateful in any way whatsoever. She has always been like this.
    Sooo, to get to my question, do you think that using Atticus to honor her would be too out there? Her name is Melanie Dawn, which is a bit hard to honor. The only other way I can think of is using Aurora, which I don't hate, but I love Atticus so much more! So Berries, what do you think???

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    I think it's a really great way to honour your mum. I love secret connections like this- no matter how much of a stretch- and have a few in my own combos. Plus your future son would have a new name that's all his, but still special. Personally, I think it gets boring when there's no originality in names (I'm not a fan of the Billy Bob III, Billy Bob IV thing) but I still like honouring relatives, so I reckon you've got a good balance there. And if you love it- definitely go for it!

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