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    Thank you all for your feedback. I agree Lux Earle isn't the absolute best flow, but I've said it over and over a million times and to me it's not bad.

    I've also poured over hundreds of names and have not come across anything I like as much as Lux, or at least that my husband and I can agree on. I am still very open to suggestions now that you all know my other daughter's name and our last name. I'm also pretty firm on Josephine as a middle name because it's after my father and grandfather. In general I'm looking for something that is strong and holds up with Domino.

    Thanks again.

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    Love it, so cute!
    Please pray for Lucy, her and her family need your support:

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    I like it. As most of the people said on the forum, it's spunky and fresh. It's great with Domino, and both are very fresh and enticing.
    Good luck
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    I love Lux and I feel like Josephine balances it out nicely... but I wouldn't pair it with your last name.

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    I really the combo, plus I love the sound of just the first and last names together. Lux Earle is such a cool sounding name! Kudos!
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