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    What do you think Lux Josephine?

    Due in two weeks and having the hardest time settling on a name. What do you think of the name Lux Josephine. We have another daughter named Domino as well.
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    I actually love it! Not totally sold on the first and last together without the middle to add the flow. But overall, I say go for it.
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    Lux Josephine Earle is beautiful.

    Lux Earle as a name is a little off to me but it's not awful, I've seen worse. Domino and Lux make a cute sibset, too
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    Lux Josephine...
    Lux is a cool, spunky name that projects a spirited attitude. I also think Lux, works with Domino as well. Lux and Domino have a similar edge, they both look edgy and intriguing along with sounding daring. Domino is a very unusual, daring choice that has bags of attitude. You need a name as equally as funky as Domino which Lux is. Lux is has similar qualities to Domino and they look very electric together. I also love Lux with Josephine which is a gorgeously vintage choice. I love the name Josephine. Lux Josephine sounds lush.

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    I think Lux is a cool name, she definitely will not have to go by her last initial. And classy Josephine is awesome. I think they go pretty well together. And Lux & Domino, sounds like a funky little sibset. I think the names go well together because they are different and edgy. Good choice!
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