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    Nickname for me?

    A lot of people just love the name Caroline. I actually hate it, and that's my name. I already know a Cara and a Carly, so not those. And I don't care for Carrie or Carry. Would Lina work? Because Caroline-Carolina-Lina. I like Lina, but does it sound like a normal nickname for Caroline? And are there any other good nicknames for me? Thanks!
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    Henrietta. Chiara. Marisol. Imogen.
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    I think Lina would work! It's pretty.

    I'm not good with nickname suggestions but I know a Caroline who goes by Cali
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    I know a Caroline that goes by Caro (rhyming with Sparrow), and it sounds very spunky on her!

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    Lina is fine! How about Caro, Rollo, Olly???

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    Lina is beautiful! Caroline...maybe Cora, Rory or Nina?

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