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    Crazy? Of course not. To be honest, I think Ezekiel is much less appealing.
    Actually, Bartholomew's my boyfriend's favorite boy name. I made a thread about Bartholomew a few days ago and got pretty positive feedback. I wasn't keen on it but it's growing on me.
    I agree it's long but quite handsome. I hate nn Bart but Tolly seems like a great alternative. Or maybe Art?
    I don't watch the Simpsons so I don't automatically think about the show. There is a book about Bartholomew Cubbins and his hats so I associate the name with this character. And, if I remember right, Bartholomew Cubbins is Jared Leto's alter-ego.

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    Hey, no, you're not crazy! (At least, if you are, I am too, and several previous posters also, apparently.) I admit the names in my signature right now are more guilty pleasures than names I'd actually use, but I think Bartholomew is wearable, especially if you picked a nickname in case the whole thing was too much of a mouthful. I'd been searching a long time for the perfect first name to go with mn Prentice, and when Bartholomew came onto my radar I decided they worked well together.

    And the Bartholomew Cubbins books are a lot of fun. I still read them with my youngest sister.
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    Not at all! Love it.

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    I don't think you're crazy, it's been growing on me too. However, I wouldn't use it because it's just far too much name to me. Eleven letters, and four syllables is past my limit personally. :P

    I think it fits with some of your other boys names though.
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    Only if you call him Mew for short.
    Ba. I prefer Barnaby, Barnabas, Bayard, and Basil.

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