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    Emerald seems to get lost for some reason with Clementine which i think is a massive shame. Emerald is so sumptuous, it needs a first name that helps it shine, if you'll excuse the pun. I love Clementine, its in my own list, but it feels a bit too country for exotic Emerald. But saying that, if i saw a Clementine Emerald in the Birth Announcements, i'd think it was gorgeous and i'd be v happy.

    What do you think of Cosima Emerald? Possible nicknames Mimi, Mia, Mima, Sia maybe? I love Cosima and, to me, it is as sophisticated and evocative as Emerald.
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    I very much prefer Matilda with Emerald. I like Clementine Ruby like in your signature. Matilda Emerald is so so pretty!!!
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    I'm not a fan. The contradictory imagery coupled with the repetition of the "em" sound at the beginning of both names just isn't my favorite.

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    They don't work well together, sorry!
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    They're too much together. I also don't like how one is a fruit and the other is a gem, plus there is the "color clash" issue as well, with Clementine conjuring up an orange hue and Emerald conjuring up a green one.

    Emerald has also never been a name I liked, though I do think it goes a lot better with Matilda than with Clementine.

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