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    missusaytch Guest

    Does this combo work at all?

    Clementine Emerald

    I love Clementine and I love Emerald but I don't know if I love them together. I may just be overthinking it. I really really want it to work.

    What do you think?

    Thanks for your reply!

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    Both are beautiful seperately, but together it's too long and wordy. Something along the lines of Molly Emerald or Clementine Florence would be better.
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    As much as I love both names, I think together they are just too much. I would use a 1-2 syllable middle with Clementine. I think first and middle names should compliment eachother and flow, instead of competing, which I feel these two names are doing.
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    Clementine Emerald

    Clementine is stunning, really light, feminine and elegant. Clementine is a sweet choice and feels very citrus and rich. Clementine does conjure up images of the fruit and the vibrant colour. I do also love the potential nicknames of Clemency or Clemmy. Clementine is great. I also think Emerald is lovely, and sleek. Emerald is an intriguing choice. Yet she does project the strong colour of green like Clementine conjures up the colour of orange. This does create a colour clash within the combination. Emerald is also associated with the gem, and Clementine with the fruit. I think because of this the associations and connotations are too strong for both names to be in the same combination. Have you thought of switching it up a little. For instance Clemency Emerald or Clementine Esmeralda??? These combinations are similar but don't feel so overpowering.

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    Its a bit wordy and has a lot of syllables, making it kind of hard to say all at once. And I personally don't like how Clementine is a fruit and Emerald is a gem, so a fruit gem? I like the names on their own, but not together is what I'm trying to say. But if you really love it, I think you could make it work.
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