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    Twenty-something musician, yogini and name lover who dreams of strolling the boulevards of Paris by day and writing songs by night.

    Mes prénoms préfères;

    Elodie ~ Sylvie ~ Vivienne ~ Giovanna ~ Beatrice ~ Seraphina ~ Marguerite ~ Edith ~ Cosette ~ Isadora ~

    Alexander ~ Marcel ~ Elias ~ Nicholas ~ James ~ Henry ~ Rowan ~ Django ~ Kai ~ Tristan ~ Luca

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    1. Arden Caroline: Arden has been my favorite name since I was 16. Different, strong, elegant, feminine. Brings to mind Elizabeth Arden and the Forest of Ardennes. Means "valley of the eagle," similar to ardent, which I also love the meaning of. Also the name of the magical forest in Shakespeare's As You Like It, and his mother's name was Mary Arden. Caroline is meaningful also - my grandmother is Carol, and I love the classic elegance and it reminds me of the Kennedys.

    2. Remy Charlotte: Remy, from one of my favorite books growing up ("This Lullaby" by Sarah Dessen). Another unusual and "hard" yet feminine (to me) name - I prefer "hard" names for girls and "soft" names for boys. Charlotte - inspired by Charlotte from Sex and the City and classic, timeless to balance the more unisex first name.

    3. This is where I can't really decide! I've been liking Bellamy Jane as a combo, though might be too similar to Remy. Makes me think of "belle amie" - french for beautiful/lovely friend. The French language and culture is very near and dear to me, so this gives the name an extra layer of meaning to me. Jane - I love these classic, timeless middles to offset a quirky first! Also, similar to June, which is my other grandmother's middle name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by amelieamour View Post
    This is gorgeous!

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    Girl names are hard for me and I haven't perfected any yet but at the moment it would be:

    Nouvel Sienna
    Lisbon Mireya
    Vida Emery

    Close behind are Elena, Lucia, Milena and Seren.

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