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    Feminine forms of Michael

    My DH and father share a name - Michael - so I've been thinking lately about its feminine forms and names that might honour a Michael.

    What I've thought about:

    Michaela - I haate all the Mikayla/Makaylas and whatnot that are so trendy now. Also don't like the nickname Kayla, although I suppose maybe she could be a Mika/Mila/Mia

    Michelle - I like this, and that it lends itself easily to cute nicknames like Ellie and so on. But as the Nameberry entry for the name points out, it is quite dated (although it looks like it's still only just out of the top 100?). I also feel like it's a more subtle feminization than Michaela, since it has a different sound.

    Micah/Mischa - not sure about these as I think they're both more properly boy names?

    Mirabel - I love this but couldn't use it as it would look like a smooshed together version of DH's name and mine (Rebecca)

    Would love more opinions and ideas.

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