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    You, Brianna Marie Foster (nee Campbell), and your husband, Michael "Mike" Allen Foster, are newly married, and pretty soon after your honeymoon you start to develop pregnancy symptoms. You go to the doctors who tells you it's twins. In shock, you ask to find out the genders.

    Two boys

    Stuck for names, you decide to take your house number as guidance and pick the corresponding number off the social security twins list. (If you live at a number higher than 50, take off 50 until you get to a number below it. So 85 would become #35 on the list) You choose the middle names.

    Jayden Michael Foster and Kayden Allen Foster

    Four years later, and you're enjoying having a ready-made family, when you fall pregnant again. You don't expect it to be twins again but it is. You decide to let your children pick the middle names, one each - after all, it's good to start naming early. This time, you decide to take 1950 from the year you were born to determine the number (so 1990 would be #40 - if you were born in 2001+ take 2000 away) from the list.

    Two boys
    Garrett Isaac Foster and Gavin Daniel Foster

    It's tough with two sets of twins - birthdays are a nightmare - and only a year after the youngest set are born, you're expecting once more. Convinced it's twins, you pick out names for each combination using the year you graduated high school as a basis, again removing 1950 or 2000. But when you go to the hospital, there's only one baby. So you decide to use the two names from the list as a first/middle combination.

    A boy
    Logan Lucas Foster

    You and your husband are more than happy with your five children. (All boys!!)

    Brianna and Mike with Jayden, Kayden, Garrett, Gavin, and Logan.

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