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    I second Mischa's suggestion of Eugene (happy gold?). Or Waylan (from your link, it looks like Wei means great/strength, not sure what Lan means)?

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    I'm still brainstorming but here are a couple to start...
    Galen (calm)
    Cairo (place name)

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    Javad - I love that Rayhan has a name that translates well in English and in Chinese. So awesome for a bi-cultural kid not to have to go by different names in different places. Unfortunately I do think that Rayhan and Kian sound too similar for brothers, but I also understand why your wife loves Kian and wants to use it. Not sure how much help I can be I really liked some of previous posters suggestions, in particular Lucian. I apologize for repeats.... most aren't even super close but I figure maybe they'll spurn inspiration.

    Bojan (Bo-yan)
    Bowen (Bo-wen)
    Yogi (You-ge -> too Yogi Bear?)
    Tomai (Tu-mei)
    Toby? (Tu-bai - it's by no means perfect but close?)
    Tyren (Ty-ren -> apparently made up by some silly americans and has no meaning)
    To-ren (Tu-ren - it's a bit off but both are lovely)
    Wendell (I don't know where the ll's would come from but Wen-de-??)
    Farren (Fa-ren)
    Baylee (Ba-li)

    I'll be back if I think of more.
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    Thanks for the suggestions!
    - Leolin is one I'll have to put some thought into. Pretty cool name.
    - Eugene is actually my hometown (and a town I could easily see us living in the future), so I feel like it's not really useable for us (although the Chinese meaning would be something like 'universal peace', which is cool)
    - Roland is a name I really like, but we've had trouble coming up with any good Chinese names to go along with it, even though the sounds are close. It's definitely one we're still reflecting on though.
    - Oisin is one I've never considered before, but it does have the potential to make a good Chinese name, and it's a nice Irish name too. That'll have to go on the reflection list.
    - Lucian would be a very strong option, but it sounds almost the same as my sister-in-laws name.
    - Caius is a name that's been on the possibility list. If we choose a Chinese name with Kai in it, then he could easily end up being called Kai in Chinese and Caius or NN Cai in English. Could work. But I've been getting a little less excited about the name Caius over time. Maybe though.
    - Waylan would be cool if I wasn't such a Simpsons fan, and Waylan Smithers is a very strong association with this name (and not the kind of association I like, he's a strange character)
    - Bowen isn't bad, I do like it better than Owen (and my dad and grandfather and great grandfather's names are all John, and Owen is a variation of John, and Bowen means 'son of Owen', so it could work). I don't know if I could get as excited about it, but maybe. Have to reflect a bit.

    Thanks for suggestions! If you think of any more, I'm happy to hear them.
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    I really really like Bowen with Rayhan. Second choice would be the Kai names. Good luck... I'm amazed at how talented the Berries are that came up with so many options. Bravo!
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