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    Challenging Naming Task... For Serious Name Nerds Only

    I am having the hardest time getting my wife excited about any of our boy name options. Of all the names we've discussed (which has been a lot) she by far likes Kian the best (with the Persian pronunciation of key-yawn), and it's the only one she's been excited about. She still comes back to it whenever we discuss names, and it is very clearly her favorite (I came to that realization very clearly tonight). I like this name quite a lot and would be fine with using it, however, I feel it sounds too similar to our first son's name, Rayhan (ray-hawn), which makes me feel it's unusable for us.
    Q1) Do you think the two names (Rayhan (ray-hawn) and Kian (key-yawn)) are too similar sounding?

    Over time, she seems to be getting less and less on board with any of my favorite names (came to that realization tonight--- which is a minor tragedy, as my top names are seriously awesome--- Emrys, Evander, Amias, Jasper), and is now at the point where she just wants me to choose the 'English' name and she'll choose a different 'Chinese' name (our kid is 1/2 Chinese, we live in China). I'd do this if we have no other choice, but I really don't like this idea. I want to choose a name in unity (and so does she), one that we both love (for both the 'English' name and Chinese name). I'd rather make the decision(s) in unity even if it meant using a name I don't like as much as my top top choices, rather than using one of my top choices but not in complete unity.

    (Note: With our first son, his Chinese name (which has a great meaning in Chinese) is pronounced exactly the same (ray-hawn) as Rayhan (which is also a very meaningful name in Arabic, Persian and Sanskrit), so his Chinese name is also his regular given name. I don't know if that'll be possible this time around (because it's REALLY hard to find a name that fits that specific criteria, so it's pretty unlikely-- though we were able to do it for our female name choice this time around)).

    One of the reasons she likes Kian so much, is that as well as liking the name itself a lot, she also came up with a similar sounding Chinese name (with a great meaning) that she also really loves.

    As such, my current (really difficult) task is to take Chinese characters and try to combine them into names that could work in both China and America (and elsewhere) as really great names (not just that they'd work, but that it'd make a really great name... I'm a picky name kind of person), in the hope that this will lead me to find a name that my wife can be excited about.

    So I've made a list of some of my favorite name 'sounds' in Chinese and have been trying to piece them together into really great names, but have been having some trouble. The only names I've found, that I like above a low-mediocre level, that seem to have the potential to sound almost exactly the same in Chinese are Jonah and Bolan. Perhaps you can find some other options that I'm missing (?).

    Here are some sounds from Chinese characters (combining one, two or three characters (syllables) together are all okay in Chinese naming, but a four character/syllable given name wouldn't work).
    Q2) Can you come up with any names using combinations from these sounds (doesn't have to be exact to the sounds below, but at least pretty close)? (Note: Spell it however, I'm just giving you the general sounds here (the 'pinyin' is in the (), just in case any of you actually know some Chinese)

    Leo (liu)
    Kai (kai)
    Beau (bo)
    Lynn (lin)
    Joe (zhou)
    De (de)
    Dow (dao)
    Fen (fen)
    Lan (lan)
    Na (na)
    Ty (tai)
    Eye (ai)
    Ke (ke)
    Ee (yi)
    Hi (hai)
    Ba (ba)
    Faye (fei)
    Wren (ren)
    Lee (li)
    Khan (kan)
    Coon (kun)
    Show (shou)
    Too (tu)
    You-n (yun)
    Shoe-n (xun)
    Bye (bai)
    Bing (bing)
    When (wen)
    Loon (lun)
    Dong (dong)
    She (xi)
    Lye (lai)
    Fan (fan)
    Fawng (fang)
    Ge (ge)
    Gehn (gen)
    Gway (gui)
    Way (wei)
    Hong (hong)
    Hway (hui)
    Leeawng (liang)
    Ching (qing)
    Gene (jin)
    G-N (jian)
    May (mei)
    You (yu)
    June (jun)
    Long (long)
    Meng (meng)
    Tz (zi)
    Pay (pei)
    Ping (ping)
    Peng (peng)
    Chee (qi)
    Cheeoww (qiao)
    Shawn (shan)
    Shoe (shu)
    Wrong (rong)
    U-N (yuan)
    Song (song)
    Mean (min)
    Yawn (yan)
    Sheen (xin)
    Shway (xue)
    Yea (ye)
    Yo (you)
    How (hao)
    Yawng (yang)
    Row (rou)

    Lots of other Chinese 'pinyin' of characters that work in given names could be found at

    For any of you that are able to put in the time/energy to help out with my unique naming challenge, I am very grateful!
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