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    Space Aliens BNG

    Got this idea after playing too much Spore. The year is 2015, but things are about to get a lot more futuristic than two years would have you expect. You and your husband just got married.
    Roll for your first and middle names:

    4. or other video game choices like Chell, Wheatley, Cave, Atlas, Ralof, Ulfric, Hadvar, Ridley etc. (I would love it if Space Core had a name a real person could use.)

    Where do you live?
    An alien starship crashes on earth. There are no survivors except for and egg, which hatches into this:
    The little guy is put into foster care, and you end up adopting him. What do you name him?
    Despite his different species, he seems to be developing at the same rate as a human child. When he's a year and a half old and just learning to waddle around, Earth receives first contact from his species, the Deckian empire. They personally thank you for providing a home for their intended ambassador's little boy, and gift humanity with the technology for faster than light travel. How does your son react to meeting other members of his species?
    Soon, Earth is a spacefaring planet, and the Holoboids, an empire of psychic aliens who can withstand extreme conditions, ask humanity's permission to colonize Antarctica. We let them, because we're not using it, and soon they become a nation on earth. You adopt from there when your son is three, and bring home a beautiful Holoboid baby girl:
    What do you name her?
    How is your son doing in preschool?
    When your son is five and your daughter is two, you take a vacation to your son's home planet. The planet is home to multiple alien races, and when you're there you visit an orphanage and end up adopting a four year old Mattian boy. What's his name?
    How does the rest of your trip go?
    What does your new son think of Earth?
    Does he get along with your other kids?
    How's he doing in preschool?
    How's your older son doing in kindergarten?
    A year later, when your kids are six, five and three, the Deckians rescue a baby from an unknown planet from a hostile empire. The only information the have is that her species is the Orbeons, but they can't find her planet or her family. They contact you, since you've done such a good job raising kids among another species, and you agree to adopt her. What do you name her?
    How is your younger son adjusted to life on earth after a year?
    How is he doing in kindergarten?
    How is your older daughter doing in preschool? Does her being psychic have an effect?
    Two years later, your kids are eight, seven, five and two. A usually immortal-besides-age alien race, the Slians contacts you in a panic when a set of new parents somehow die, because they have no system in place to take care of an orphan. You agree to adopt the Slian baby girl. What's her name?
    Your older son joins little league. What happens?
    Your younger son joins cub scouts. What happens?
    How is your oldest daughter doing in kindergarten? Does being psychic have an effect?
    You finish with five children. What are they like in middle school? High school? What do they go to college for? Do any of them return to their home planets? The possibilities are endless. Thanks for playing.
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