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    I don't like it much.

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    i agree with the first post, i'd go with Veda. it makes me think of the movie My Girl but i absolutely love that name.

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    I really like the name Vada but prefer it spelled Veda. The combo of Vada Katherine is pretty.
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    The first thing that comes to mind is Darth Vader.
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    Quote Originally Posted by namelover77 View Post
    How are you pronouncing it? VAH-da isn't very pretty,
    Also, Vada in India, especially when spelled Vada in Roman letters and pronounced VAH-da, is a kind of savory doughnut served for breakfast or a snack! If you are pronouncing it "VEY-da" and spelling it Vada, you are probably going to confuse some Indians!

    I guess it depends on your interest in the name. If you like the meaning of Veda as "knowledge" from the Sanskrit word, then stick with the traditional transliteration from India of Veda with an "e". If you like it more in its American context as an old-fashioned sounding nickname-name popular in the last century, then spell it however you want and tell people to go dunk their doughnuts!

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