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    Domenica is beautiful. Definitely try to incorporate it in your final choice!

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    I like Lucia Isabel very pretty!

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    Ontario, Canada
    I love:
    Lucia Cassia (CASS-e-uh)
    Lucia Aria
    Aria Domenica
    Aria Charlotte
    Talia Domenica
    Cassia Domenica

    I like:
    Aria Spencer
    Seraphina Clove
    Aurelia Isabel

    I dislike:
    Spencer Lucia - I can't wrap my mind around Spencer as a girl's name. There is nothing pretty or nice about it. It is strong and handsome.

    As a side note I love when first and middle names both end in the "ah" sound. My name Cynthia Celina both end that way and I always found it sounded elegant. Some people don't care for it, but once you hear it often it grows on you.
    Anxiously awaiting the arrival of Luther's little brother November 2015!
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    I like Lucia Cassia but with the CASH-uh pronunciation. Aria Spencer is nice but it's very Pretty Little Liars.

    My vote goes to Aria Charlotte. But I think Aria Isabel or even Seraphina Charlotte is better if you're open to those.

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    Lucia[/name] Cassia (CASS-e-uh) - lovely, interesting, natural, but both names end in -ia, my vote is 4,1
    Lucia Aria -both names end with -ia, lovely combo, interesting, but Aria is getting popular so my vote is 3,6
    Aria Spencer - pretty little liars, masculine middle, 2.4
    Seraphina Clove you mean Clover? Anyway, it's 4,9 because it's interesting
    Aria Domenica - dislike Domenica, but interesting, 4,3
    Aria Charlotte - boring, 3,5, but lovely
    Talia Domenica - interesting, 4,3
    Cassia Domenica - boring, 3,1
    Spencer Lucia - nothing special about it, 2,8
    Aurelia Isabel - interesting, 3,9
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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