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    I think it's a pretty cool one. My son is actually obsessed with this name after accidentally watching a Cartoon Network show with a character on it... He tries to name everything Mordecai right now, haha. (The cartoon is called "Regular Show" and it's actually pretty funny, but not child appropriate.) Cai/Kai is a great nn that makes it very accessible if you ask me, and will come in handy especially when he's learning to spell, lol. Thumbs up from me and my 3 yr old. =]
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    Mordecai is AWESOME! I am a huge fan of the name. I'm not sure if I have the guts to use it, but if you GO. FOR. IT.

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    It's such a guilty pleasure of mine! I just love the sound of it...But I don't think I'd ever be brave enough to use it! :/

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    I like Mordecai (especially with nn Cai)... I picture a boy with curly blonde hair. I have no idea why haha

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    The only Mordecai I've heard of is the wonderful author Mordecai Richler. Cai as a nn makes it more modern. Like.

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