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    Mordecai is a seriously cool name. It's one name that could actually bend my no names from religious scriptures rule. It brings to mind leather wearing chain smoking sexy dark haired men with sunglasses and ponytails and earrings and tattoos who gulps down whiskey like water. On a motorbike. Someone really masculine and rough.
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    I love, love, love Mordecai! It's so quirky and unusual. I picture Mordecai/Cai as someone dark and introverted, but really deep and a good friend when you get to know him. Plus, Cai is sweet is his full name is ever too heavy for a certain stage in his life.

    Once, I knew someone who called their son "Mordy".
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    Sorry. The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear the name is Morbid. However, I think simply Kai is amazing!

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    My sister has a friend with 3 children , 1 is called Mordecai. When they talk about them or I've been at a bbq and he has been there I have just thought "that's a cool, interesting name" really cute kid, suited him. I also thought "way to go" to his parents for not worrying about the name and trusting it would be a good choice

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    I think Mordecai is really cool. It isn't any less wearable than Malachi (which was at #164 as of 2011), and the possible nickname of Cai does make it more kid friendly. Mordecai would be a solid, unusual choice.

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