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    Thoughts on Mordecai?

    This name has been growing on me recently, but I'm not sure if it is a little too "out-there" for me. I always love getting Berry feedback on names and I would be interested to know what you think of Mordecai. Is it wearable? What kind of boy/man do you picture? I would probably use the nn Cai/Kai.

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    It's mentioned in Dr. Seuss's Oh the Places You'll Go: (just from memory, so pardon any errors) "So be your name Buxom or Bixby or Bray or Mordecai Allen Van Alli O'Shay . . . ." I like the nn Cai, but I don't see Mordecai being all that usable.

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    I like it, but it's a big name to wear daily. I do like Cai as a nn.
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    I like it I go back and forth over whether I like Malachi or Mordecai more though.

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    I like it! Also, Mordecai was a great guy in a very fun holiday.
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