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    Magnus Roland- I like Magnus but don't care for Roland. It's hard to have both first and middle names be last names
    August Benedict- I really love the perfect combination of uniqueness and vintage
    Lysander Quinn- A handsome sounding name but not a big fan of Lysander

    Beatrice Emmeline- Love Beatrice although Emmeline is not my type of name. Flows nicely though
    Charlotte Ophelia- Love everything about this name. It's classic and beautiful!
    Ellington Briar- Sounds to masculine for me

    William Robert
    Elliot Joseph
    Henry Graham

    Serena Katharine
    Juliette Rose
    Susannah Faye
    Serena Katharine | Josephine Ruby | Rosalie Grace | Susannah Faye | Margaret Rose | Lucille Joy | Tessa Louise | Cecilia Jane | Georgia Pearl | Matilda Violet

    Oliver Cecil | Henry Walter | Wilson Grey | Arthur Maxwell | Elliot James | Quincy Jude | Jasper Finnegan | Lincoln Everett

    Glory | Scout | Galatea | Eyre | Victoire | Snow | Magnus | Hadrian | Wilder

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