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Thread: Emile?

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    Quote Originally Posted by uselesskitty View Post
    In french it is pronounced ay-MEEL. It isn't that uncommon where I live. I like it, but it definitely would work better in a french speaking community.
    I agree with all of this, except it being common in my area. I prefer the Emil spelling.
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    I assume it's just an alternative spelling to Emil (Em-eel). I love Emil it was on my list, however what turned me off was the meaning- Rival. It's described by Nameberry as having an "unfriendly feel". Although I like it.

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    I pronounce it the French way as uselesskitty described. I like this name. I also like the Spanish Emilio.
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    I like Emil and considered it for my top ten. I think of the children's author Emil Kaestner.
    Emil - Eh-meel. I wouldn't know what to do with the extra -e and would assume it's silent sort of like in Theodor/e.
    If the extra letter is neither here not there for you I'd consider nixing it - in many languages that have genders assigned to words it will be pronounced and could give Emil a very feminine sound. (I can only speak with certainty about German but by adding the e it sounds oddly feminine).
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    The French is Emile (Emeel), and the Germanic is Emil (Eh-mill). Both are great names--as is Spanish Emilio. Just dpends on how you like the various sounds.

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