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    Stuck in my box…

    …and I need help thinking outside of it. I was thinking about my main and alternative names (in signature) and was wondering what other names I could possibly add to my list. I was about to view my name list and then it hit me… I sent my computer in for repair and they factory reset my computer; which, of course is the only place I kept my names—and I forgot to save them to my USB drive.

    So, I suppose this is now as good a time as any. I was going to ask anyway, because it seems that as of late, my main list only contains names with seven-letters. Every time I see a name that I find interesting enough to add to my list, it only has seven-letters. Even if they don’t have seven-letters, I will try to figure out a legitimate way of making it fit. {I.e. Oberon & Auberon} I just need help breaking away from this pattern, because I think it will eventually limit my ability to like/love other names. If I do like a name that does not fit the criteria, I will eventually delete them. This may seem silly to most of you, but I am seriously asking for opinions/inspirations on the matter.

    **Not pregnant or TTC, but I enjoy having my name list in order. In the past, I have been surprised a couple of times by someone asking for names.**


    Thank you,

    aspian Atlas Locke ▪ Ƶephyrus Alan Psalm
    Oberon ▫ Raphael ▫ Sebastian ▫ Orion ▫ Phoenix ▫ Edmund ▫ Jasper ▫ Solomon

    Łiliana Adelia Claire ▪ Ɲoemi Adlumia Fable
    Chrysanthe ▫ Juniper ▫ Isabeau ▫ Camellia ▫ Galilea ▫ Yara ▫ Chloe


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