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    Need more options ...

    I find boy baby names pretty impossible.

    On my list right now there are only three names and they all have pretty big issues against them, they are

    I love this as it is my grandfather's name, but I'm completely aware that 99% of the world, include DH think it is a 'hor'rible name!

    Timeless I know, as it has been in the top five for a century or something, but the popularity scares me!

    My current first choice, I love the nn Ru, but this is actually DH's name (although he goes by his mn) and his father's before him. He swore that he wouldn't continue the cycle of naming his son after himself, but I really do like the name.

    Could you throw some more suggestions at me? I really need some help.

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    Horace - Sorry not a fan, maybe as a MN!
    William - very popular where i am from, i would steer clear.
    Ruben - Absolutely gorgeous for a boy! This would be my first choice from your list!

    Ruben Horace sounds like a nice combo!

    Good Luck!
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    Hrace is a classic name that I wish was used more, rather than treated like a disease. I see nothing wrong with it. I like Rueben too, but if DH is sworn against it, what is the point? William is william.

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    I'd love to see Horace used, and I love that it has family significance for you... but I personally would only consider it in the middle spot. I find it hard to imagine this name on a modern child (or adult for that matter) and I do think there is significant teasing potential here. Sorry!

    I adore William but have exactly the same reservations as you. I'm keeping him on my list for now but I'm not sure he'll make the final cut.

    Reuben is lovely and I too like the nn Ru. If you husband goes by his middle name, I don't see that it's a problem. I guess traditionally it's not uncommon for fathers and sons to share the same name. Have you considered Rupert? I really like it and it offers the same nn.

    Rupert William Horace is kind of stunning!

    Other suggestions:
    Remy (you liked this for a girl but what about a boy?)

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