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Thread: Iris Juliet ...

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    Since Juliet is 3 syllables I like a 1 syllable afterwards.

    Iris Juliet Pearl is just gorgeous. Really like Iris Juliet Maeve as well.
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    Iris Juliet Eve
    Iris Juliet Pearl
    Iris Juliet Frances

    Love Amelia and Evelyn, but I think those are a bit too long behind Iris Juliet.

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    Second the suggestion of Iris Juliet Pearl, lovely!

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    Iris Juliet is gorgeous together, I have to agree!

    The names that sound/look nice together are:

    Iris Juliet Eve - My favorite from your list. I find shorter names work best when using 2 middle names. This combo is pretty and simple
    Iris Juliet Evelyn
    Iris Juliet Amelia
    Iris Juliet Emma -As much as I've heard Emma so many times and can't stand the popularity, they sound nice together
    Iris Juliet Sarah -The same popularity issue

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    I like Iris Juliet Eve and the suggestions of Iris Juliet Maeve.

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