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    Love love love Violet!! It is such a beautiful, simple and uncommon name.

    Gabriella is lovely as well, makes me picture a gorgeous girl Not personally a fan of Gaby for a nickname but I love Ella. In fact, I really like Ella as a full name as well. I love the combo Gabriella Violet/Ella Violet. Wdyt?

    Juliette is traditional and has endured the test of time. It's a beautiful name that ages perfectly. Plus I have always been partial to the nickname Jules/Jewels. Julianna is also very lovely. The name Juliette should stand on it's own so personally I prefer a shorter middle name especially since both your first and last name is 3 syllables. I think a longer last name would too much of a mouthful.

    You didn't mention anything in your thread about middle names. Just curious, have you and your husband put together a list together for middle names? Or have you decided to use a family name?

    Anyway, back to your list. I'm not a fan of Livia at all, sorry. To me, it looks/sounds like Olivia minus the O. I think most people would mishear it or just assume her full name was Olivia. Never been a fan of O names on girls for some reason and also it's way too popular for my taste.

    I like Emilia depending on how it's pronounced. I like it pronounced Emma-LEE-AH. If you're going to pronounce it UH-MEAL-EE-AH, then I prefer the spelling Amelia. I personally wouldn't use this name for a little girl unless maybe it was a family name.

    Here are some other names that I personally love and maybe you will too

    Hope I've been helpful. Good luck to you and your family

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    I think Livia and Emilia are both lovely and unique. Violet and Gabriella are rapidly increasing in popularity, and I prefer Juliet over Juliette.
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    Quote Originally Posted by elliebellie View Post
    My husband and I have been working on our girls name list. We have a short list of names that we both love. We would really appreciate any thoughts that you have about them and are also open to suggestions. Our last name is 3 syllables, starts with a "th" and ends with an "en." We don't want a name that is too popular or too uncommon. Okay, here are our favorites:


    Thank you for your thoughts and suggestions!
    I like Gabriella, Emilia and Juliette.
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    Gabriella - I prefer Gabrielle, but that's because it's not as close to the -bella trend as Gabriella. NN Gabby is sweet too.
    Juliette - Not keen on this, never been big on any Juli- names for some reason.
    Violet - Again, not keen on this, though I can't explain why. It's also rising in popularity.
    Livia - I think people will assume it's a nickname for Olivia.
    Emilia - By far my favourite on your list, it's gorgeous.

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    I don't think you could go wrong with any of these names but I will give more specific feedback. I am kind of tired of the "Em" names so Emilia is my least favorite on your list. I think Violet is becoming increasingly popular, I know two babies named that in last 18 months. As others have pointed out, Livia may be mistaken for Olivia but I do LOVE the sound of Livia. I like the nn Gabi so Gabriella seems like a good choice. Juliette is also very pretty.
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