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Thread: Oh, Sammy...

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    I just wanted to comment and say that the combo Samuel Fitzwilliam John sounds awesome. I like Caspar too but, it doesn't sound right with Samuel and I can't place it. It's late and maybe I will better understand what I mean in the morning. You can always use alternatives to John if you feel it's overdone. Jack, Ivan, Evan ect. are all wonderful names.

    Good Luck!
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    Oh my goodness! Samuel Gaspard is heaven! Please don't stick John in the middle. Samuel Gaspard John works perfectly. I'm not too fond of Fitzwilliam.
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    @ottilie, you don't think Samuel John Gaspard flows better? I've always said Gaspard more like gahs-PAHR[D], so I figured the flow of SAM-yuhl JOHN gahs-PAHRD was better than SAM-yuhl gahs-PAHRD JOHN, but I like Samuel Gaspard John, too, I have no problem with that. I have always had a thing for double-barrels with John (John Peter, John August, John Michael, John David, etc.), so I sort of liked that John Gaspard sounded like a pretty cool John double-barrel.

    @babyninja - Oh, I've looked at them. I have them employed all over my boys' list elsewhere (Jack, Ian, and even on my girls' list, Giovanna, Jane...), but I like the simplicity and classic-ness of just John with Caspar/Gaspard and Fitzwilliam.
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