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    Oh, Sammy...

    I feel like I'm finally coming into the home-stretch on Samuel combos. And I'm down to two options:

    Samuel Caspar (or Samuel Gaspard?)
    Samuel Fitzwilliam

    I'm a massive P&P fan, so Fitzwilliam is for obvious reasons, and I really love it with Samuel. I'm leaning toward Samuel Fitzwilliam John for a full combo, if I go for Fitzwilliam. My dad, brother, and grandfather are/were all Johns, and while I find it frankly quite boring and filler and uninteresting (and I really have no desire to be the sixteenth person in my family to use John! Probably another reason I find John a tad boring...), but with the fiery, slightly-over-the-top Fitzwilliam, I think you need something a little boring like John, and I do really like the full Samuel Fitzwilliam John. And Caspar--it honors my sister through the Christmas/magi connection (she's a Natalie), and, in a roundabout way, it honors a very dear friend of mine who passed away in 2010. I'm really not sure about a second middle for Samuel Caspar--I've tossed around Samuel Caspar John, but I'm not 100% it.

    Thoughts on Samuel Caspar/Gaspard vs. Samuel Fitzwilliam? What would you use for the second middle, if not John? And if neither Caspar or Fitzwilliam, what would you pair with Samuel? In the back of my mind, I'm still loving Samuel Pimpernel Gray (what little boy wouldn't love having the scarlet pimpernel as a namesake?! Although a pimpernel is a flower, so some might see it as feminine? I still think Samuel Pimpernel Gray is unspeakably cool, though. ) and Samuel Ciaran. Ciaran would be in honor of my mother (a Karen) and my grandmother (for her Irish lineage). Are either of those better than Samuel Caspar or Samuel Fitzwilliam?

    Thanks, ladies!
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