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    Oct 2010
    Lethbridge, Alberta
    LN: Bowie

    DH: Benedict Thomas
    DW: Lilly Emilie

    2 = Boy
    FN: Charlie
    MN: William

    What color are your eyes?
    Green: A boy: FN: MN:
    Lachlan Caspar

    If the answer is odd: Triplets, two boys, one girl
    Declan Jack & Everett Jared & Amelia Evangeline

    #4: Twins, whatever you have less of. Equal amount, your choice. FN: MN:
    Alice Emmeline & Ophelia Clementine

    What color is your hair?
    Brown: Boy, FN and MN:
    Jett Duncan

    If you have more boys, you get a female cat. You choose breed, name her after a character in your favorite movie.
    Sphinx cat named Minerva

    List your family and their ages here!
    Benedict Thomas Bowie, 53
    Lilly Emilie Bowie, 43
    Charlie William, 15
    Lachlan Caspar, 13
    Declan Jack/Everett Jared/Amelia Evangeline, 10
    Alice Emmeline/Ophelia Clementine, 4
    Duncan Jett, newborn


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