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    the scotland in my dreams.
    I decided to try my hand at a longer BNG. Hope you like it!


    LN: Flynn

    DH: Peter William
    DW: Maria Florence Privett Flynn

    DD: Sasha Victoria

    DS: Fabian Raleigh
    DD: Colette Marbella

    DS: Leo Elijah
    DS: Alexander Isaac
    DD: Gemma Bryony

    #4: Twins, whatever you have less of. Equal amount, your choice. FN: MN:
    DD: Rhiannon Arabella
    DD: Eleanor Genevieve

    What color is your hair?
    Blonde: B/G twins. FN and MN:
    DS: Palben Banning
    DD: Blanca Linnet

    A corgi called Martin
    "Nothing ever fatigues me, but doing what I do not like."

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