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    A little bit of everything CAF game!

    I decided to try my hand at a longer BNG. Hope you like it!


    LN: Last name of your favorite male singer

    DH: Your favorite actor's first name, and your 2nd favorite actor's first name.
    DW: Your favorite female singer's first name, and your 2nd favorite female singer's first name.

    Roll dice: 2, 4, or 6 = Boy. 1, 3, or 5 = Girl.
    FN: Unisex, but leans more towards actual gender.
    MN: Classic, but not old-personish.

    What color are your eyes?
    Blue: B/G twins: FN: MN:
    Green: A boy: FN: MN:
    Brown: One baby, your choice of gender, FN, MN honors one of your parents.
    Hazel: Twin boys, FN: MN:
    Gray/Other: A boy: FN and MN:

    Roll dice and multiply the number by 5. If the answer is odd: Triplets, two boys, one girl. Even: Triplets, two girls, one boy.

    Boys: Alexander, Benjamin, Beckett, Caleb, Christopher, David, Declan, Everett, Elijah, Finn, Harry, Ivan, Isaac, Jared, Jack, Jasper, Kieran, Leo, Matthew.
    Girls: Amelia, Annika, Bryony, Carissa, Caroline, Charlotte, Desdemona, Darcy, Eliana, Evangeline, Freya, Gemma, Genevieve, Isla, Juliet, Jade, Matilda.

    #4: Twins, whatever you have less of. Equal amount, your choice. FN: MN:

    What color is your hair?
    Brown: Boy, FN and MN:
    Black: Girl: FN and MN:
    Blonde: B/G twins. FN and MN:
    Red: Girl, FN and MN:
    Other: Boy. FN and MN:

    If you have more girls, you get a male dog. You choose breed, name him after a character in your favorite TV show.
    If you have more boys, you get a female cat. You choose breed, name her after a character in your favorite movie.
    If you have an even amount, you get some fish. Choose how many, what kind, and name them, if you want.

    List your family and their ages here!
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    Madison, 14-year-old name nerd! My style is all over the place, my favorites change all the time.

    Boys: David, Eric, Finlay, George, James, Jude, Lee, Michael, Paul, Richard, Rory.

    Girls: Emmanuelle, Frederica, Jayne, Juliet, Lauren, Mary, Molly, Nora, Raffaela, Stella.

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