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    I have played this game on other message boards. In this game, I will introduce my "child," boy or girl. You first post what you would actually SAY versus what you are really thinking, then leave a name for the next person to comment on. For example, I might post

    I'd like you to meet my son, Mickey
    You might post:
    Say: Oh, what a cute name!
    Think: Poor kid is named after a mouse.

    Or, I might say,

    I'd like you to meet my aunt Amethyst
    You might respond with:
    Say: Hi, Amethyst, what a lovely name!
    Think: That's one of my favorite names!
    Hopefully, you get the gist of it.

    Here we go:
    I'd like you to meet some of my grandchildren:
    Hannah and her sisters Myra, Shailene, Kate, Charlotte and Summer and their brothers Sheldon, Brecken, Jakob, and Taylor
    HI!! I'm Sarah!!

    Girls: Sasha, Sadie, Lalonie, Kyla, Parvati, Katherine, Evangeline Genevieve, Myra
    Boyd: William, Charles, Jacob, Reed, Sam, Tommy

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