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    Thoughts on Azrael?

    Yes I know about the Angel of Death connection! But I can't help but love the sound and uniqueness of Azrael.

    I love that it is a genuine name that is masculine and unusual but could easily fit in with all of the Gabriels and Jacobs around here.

    Now of course the only negative part is that it is associated with the Angel of Death. However I did some research and as it turns out Azrael didn't actually kill anyone. His job was was to simply separate the soul from the body after death. I know it still isn't the greatest thing but its still better than actually killing people right? Besides, its not like he is the demon of death, he is still an angel. That has to count for something right?

    Another good thing is that Theo loves it just as much as I do. We probably will put it on our final list but we would still like opinions on Azrael! Also do you think the average non-namenerd would even be aware of the angel thing?

    Oh and do you think Rae/Ray could work as a nickname?

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    I really don't like it.
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    Azrael is such a GP name for me, but I think the associations are just too overpoweringly negative for it to be wearable. Maybe if you spell it Azreal, or use Azriel.
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    Smurfs. Need I say more? Plus the whole demon thing is just weird.

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    I really like the name, personally, and I would use it in a heartbeat if our last name didn't start with "L". I do prefer the spelling Asriel, though (probably because I love phillip Pullman's His Dark Materials so much).

    I say go for it, although I don't prefer "rae" as a nn, what about Raz?
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